Master of Business Administration Program
2022-2023 Fall


Final sınavları daha önceden duyurulduğu üzere 21 Mayıs 2023 Pazar günü aşağıdaki programa göre yapılacaktır.

2022-2023 Academic Calendar

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FINAL EXAMS -May 21, 2023 On Sunday
Hours Code Course name Duration Class
09:00 MBAE 501 Contemporary Management    
10:00 MBAE 502 Financial Management  40 Mins.  
11:00 MBAE 503 Economic Theory    
12:00 MBAE 504 Operations Management  50 mins.  
FINAL EXAMS -May 21, 2023 On Sunday
Hours Code Course name  Duration Class
13:30 MAN 555 Research Metods    
14:30 MBAE 511 Human Resources M.    
15:30 MBAE 508 Marketing Management    
16:30 MBAE 506 Financial Statement A.  40 mins  


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MAN 555
Research Methods

Doç. Dr. İrem Metin Orta


MBAE 501
Contemporary Management

Dr. Öğr. Gör Gönenç Köroğlu


MBAE 504
Operations Management

Dr. Altan Özkil



MBAE 508

Marketing Management

Prof. Dr. M. Mithat Üner


MBAE 511
Human Resources Management

Dr. Gamze Güner KİBAROĞLU



MBAE 506
Financial Statement Analysis

Prof. Dr. Ali Rıza Zafer Sayar



MBAE 503
Economic Theory

Dr. Gürsan Şenalp



MBAE 502
Financial Management

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Hüseyin Özdemir







Financial management course focuses on making optimal decisions on the main issues of finance namely investments, capital structure and working capital management. 

Operations Management provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in the operations management profession.

The main purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the marketing of the goods and services in a competitive global economy. 

The topics that this course focuses on are the dynamics of human resource management. In this context, Introduction to Human Resource Management, Equal Opportunity and the Law, Human Resource Management Strategy and Analysis, Recruitment, Placement, and Talent Management, Job Analysis and the Talent Management Process, Personnel Planning and Recruiting, Employee Testing and Selection, Interviewing Candidates, Training and Developing Employee, Performance Management and Appraisal, Managing Careers and Retention, Establishing Strategic Pay Plans, Pay for Performance and Financial Incentives, Benefits and Services, Building Positive Employee Relations, Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining, Safety, Health, and Risk Management., Managing Global Human Resources.

The aim of this course is to give the students a full understanding of financial markets and institutions. The course is designed with an interdisciplinary perspective, carrying shades of economics, econometrics and related subjects.