Master of Business Administration Program 
2019-2020 Spring

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MBAE 515
Financial Markets and Institutions 
Asst. Dr. Neslihan Topbaş

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MBAE 505
Organization Theory
Asst. Dr. Şule Tuzlukaya

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MBAE 504 
Operations Management
Asst. Dr. Altan Özkil
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MBAE 503
Economic Theory
Asst. Dr. Gökhan Aykaç

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MBAE 507
Asst.Dr. Cevdet Özgen

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MBAE 506
Financial Statement Analysis
Şahnaz Koçoğlu

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MBAE 508 
Marketing Management

Asst. Dr. Pelin Özgen
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MBAE 511 
Human Resorces Management

Asst. Dr. Burcu Tosun
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MBAE 501
Contemporary Management
Prof. Dr. Alptekin Sökmen

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 MBAE 502
Financial Management
Asst.Dr. Burcu Dinçergök

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MAN 555
Research Methods
Asst. Dr. Ceyhan Çiğdemoğlu

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Financial management course focuses on making optimal decisions on the main issues of finance namely investments, capital structure and working capital management. 

The main purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the marketing of the goods and services in a competitive global economy. 

The aim of this course is to give the students a full understanding of financial markets and institutions. The course is designed with an interdisciplinary perspective, carrying shades of economics, econometrics and related subjects.