Description and Objectives:

One of the objectives of this course is to enable students to identify the deities from Greek (and Roman) mythology and their functions. The course also aims to familiarise students with Christian mythology. Myths of creation, myths of love, heroes and great houses of ancient times will be studied through extracts from the works of ancient Greek and Roman writers, like Hesiod, Homer and Ovid, while Christian mythology will be studied through the Genesis. The course also aims at enabling students to identify allusions to classical and Christian mythology in English Literature.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Students who can complete this course successfully:

  • can identify the gods and goddesses from Greek (and Roman) mythology in art and literature,
  • can summarise the myths in their own words,
  • know the great heroes of ancient Greeks (and Romans), and mythical events which are frequently alluded to in English Literature,
  • know the characteristics of epic poetry.

Course Requirements:

It is expected of students to:

  • read all the assigned texts and do extra research about the unknown stories, personages, vocabulary before class hours,
  • actively participate in the classroom activities and discussions,
  • complete and turn in all assignments on the given due date. Assignments should be completed in accordance with the academic honesty rules. The instructor of the course can be consulted about this issue.


  • Hamilton, Edith. Mythology. Back Bay Books, 2013.
  • Homer. The Iliad. Penguin Books, 1990.
  • Extracts from Theogony, Metamorphoses, Genesis will be provided by the instructor.


Midterm I:                       25%

Midterm II:                      25%

Assignments:                 10% (along with the active participation)

Final:                                40%

  • Students will be given a video preparation assignment (first assignment).  The instructor will inform the students about the specifics of the assignment later. After completing the assignment, a short quiz on the video will be given to evaluate the understanding.
  • Other assignments will be decided depending on the progression of the course.
  • All assignments will be evaluated.

Students will be informed about the content and the evaluation criteria of midterm and final exams in advance