This course is aimed to build a basic understanding of the concept “management” and to provide a clear and complete description of managerial concepts. This course focuses on main functions of the management- planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Main objective of this course is you to be familiar with both the theories and practical applications of the managerial process.

Grading: Midterm          40 %,

                 Final                   60 %

                 Voluntarily Term project   10 %     


Course Material: The text book is; Fundamentals of Management, Robbins/DeCenzo, Sixth Edition. Additional readings and articles will also be given.


Course Outline (Tentative)


Course 1: The History of Management Thought : Lecture Notes

Course 2: Managers and Management /Chapter 1

                    What is Enrepreneurship? /Chapter 2

Course 3: Foundations of Planning /Chapter 3

Course 4: Foundations of Decision Making/Chapter 4

 Course 5: Basic Organizational Designs/Chapter 5

Course 6: Human Resource Management/Chapter 6

Course 7: Managing Change, Stress, and Innovation/Chapter 7

Course 8: Foundations of Individual and Group Behavior/Chapter 8

Course 9: Understanding Work Teams/Chapter 9

Course 10: Motivating and Rewording Employees/Chapter 10

Course 11: Leadership and Trust/Chapter 11

                     Communication and Interpersonel Skills

 Course 12: Foundations of Control/Chapter 13

                     Operations Management/Chapter 14